Two posts on the same day? Ridiculous, you say!

pursuit book cover copyI’d be completely remiss if I didn’t also mention the big achievement I’ve been working on lately.

The fifth novel in my Birthright series is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I’m still working on formatting the paperback for Createspace, but that’s much less important in the grand scheme of things.  The book was released within a couple weeks of the third anniversary of the first book in the series and my first adventures in publishing with Amazon’s Kindle program (and eventually Barnes & Noble’s Nook Press).  It’s been a great time; I’ve done what I enjoy anyway, which is writing.  Along the way, people have been buying the novels and I consider myself lucky very time I check out a sales report and see the numbers.  It’s not about competing with an arbitrary number or beating someone else’s sales; it’s about seeing that people actually seem to enjoy what I’ve written and come back for more.

So, if you’re one of those people- Thank you!  If you’re not, well, you should be!    🙂

I want to wrap up this particular story arc in the sixth novel, though I plan to continue writing these characters.  In the meantime, I’m 20,000 words into something completely different.

Looking at media these days, everybody lives dystopian fiction.  Police state, oppressive post-war Big Brother, etc.  Other than one or two novels I can think of, though, you never see any stories about how the places got to that point.  I’m working on a present-day novel about just that: what would lead to an oppressive, unified world government that decided what was right for everyone, everywhere?  It’s told from the perspective of a small Colorado town that happens to be the unfortunate test subject of the measures that would need to be taken in order to assert complete control.

It’s something very different than my normal writing, but what’s the point in calling yourself an author if you never challenge yourself and try something new?  It seems like every time I talk to a co-worker, we end up on the topic of where the country and world are going, and looking at headlines, conspiracy buffs, and what people seem to be interested in reading, I think there’s a market for an origin story on where the dystopian future got its start.  So, there’s that.

For a link to the Birthright novel, titled Pursuit, click here for the book’s page, and happy reading!



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3 responses to “Two posts on the same day? Ridiculous, you say!”

  1. J.Z. Watkins says :

    I just re-read books one and two of the series and loved revisiting them. Your pacing, sense of adventure, action and mix of well timed humor make for a wonderful reading experience. While I’m not personally a dystopia fan, I wish you well with the new series and thank you for the first two books in the Birthright line.

    • Ryan says :

      Thank you for the reply! I’ve very consciously tried to stick to a format that I know I’ve enjoyed reading in the past and don’t plan to change.
      I took a break after Crusade to write a different book, and am doing the same now with the eventual sixth book in the Birthright series. I spend the time before I get started with a novel trying to assemble enough notes, quotes, and situations to really feel like I need to get going with the business of writing or I’ll lose the characters.
      Before that I was starting to feel rushed, like I didn’t have enough ‘mojo’ in the bank to do the characters justice. While it delays the next book in line, I like the fact that I get the extra time to really stockpile some good ideas and also get that feeling in the back of my brain that tells me I need to get cracking; the characters are waiting!
      I’ll try to not take too long on this next project, so that hopefully by the time you’ve caught up on the series I’ll have the next one ready to go!

      Thanks again,

      • J.Z. Watkins says :

        Read the book today, and it was fantastic! I did not expect that twist with the AIs for one. When book one mentioned why there weren’t any, I thought it was a good explanation for a military scifi setting of why there wouldn’t be one. However I just thought it was an interesting fact to state and move on. I did not expect to actually see them show up and in this manner. Bravo sir, what a wonderful twist. I did like Echo. Anyway, my amazon review is not as elaborate as I’d like to have written, but I did not want to spoil anything to preserve the same sort of surprise I felt for others. I love your continuity, its great to go through this adventure with your cast of characters. Best to you and thank you again for continuing this saga.

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