Narcissism, thy mascot is the Selfie Stick

selfie stick douchesAh yes, the Selfie Stick.  Damn, where to begin?

We were on vacation recently and saw these stupid things all the time.  It was probably more to do with the touristy themes of our locations, but the troubling phenomena remained.  What the hell are these things all about?

According to, narcissism is defined as “inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity”.  This can also become self destructive.  Think Tony Stark, Ron Burgundy, Stiffler, Zoolander.  There are others, of course, some more self-obsessed than others.

The thing is that I’m sure there are some legitimate, useful purposes for these things.  Unfortunately, my experiences were limited to watching what has become the primary use: taking pictures of yourself (usually making a stupid face or weird hand gesture) in front of everything you can put your eye on.

Tour bus?  Selfie!  Men’s bathroom door?  Selfie!  Monkey cage?  Selfie!  Pile of seaweed on the beach?  Selfie!

Ugh.  I had to laugh as I watched one couple try to take an actual, normal style photo.  The problem was that they were too close and needed to back up to frame the shot, but there wasn’t enough room behind them for the stick, so they couldn’t snap a photo because they couldn’t get the shot lined up in front of the cameraphone.

I hardly have any pictures of myself.  I’m usually the one snapping the photos (with a real camera, not my phone.  There’s still no substitute for a big lens and image sensor) and a stranger might look at our family photo album and wonder if my wife and kids usually vacationed without me.

Still, it’s better than holding my phone on the end of a stick and taking a photo of myself.


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3 responses to “Narcissism, thy mascot is the Selfie Stick”

  1. Jeff says :

    Its good to see another blog, and if you don’t mind a somewhat off topic question, have you ever thought of making the Birthright series audiobooks?

    • Ryan says :

      I had wondered how much effort went into such a thing, actually. Nobody wants to hear my goofy voice, though, and now that Nathan Fillion is a big star he won’t return my calls; I guess that option is gone as well.
      I need to finish the book I’m working on and then wrap up the current story arc with the sixth Birthright novel. At that point, I might seriously look into it and see how much it would cost me to prepare a novel so I can see what the demand and reaction are.
      Thanks for the feedback!


      • Jeff says :

        You’re very welcome! Thank you for the reply and its great news to read that book six is on the docket. It certainly was exciting where you left everyone and privately I will hope it works out for the audiobook(s) as I do spend a lot of time where I listen to them and it would be great to listen to yours. Best to you!

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