What the heck has Ryan been up to?


 So I’ve broken most of the rules about successful blogging; namely, I haven’t blogged much lately.  Well, at all, if you want to be precise about it.
We all have great sounding reasons for delaying or missing things in our daily lives.   Our kids like it when we spend time with them, my employer really appreciates it when I come to work, the lawn should be mowed (or perhaps I should just buy a few goats), and there is always that persistent commitment looming overhead like the Sword of Damocles, the To-Do list.  AAARRGGGHHH!

However, I do have some good news to report about my careful use of free time.  I recently finished and published my ninth book to Amazon.com!  I wanted to take a quick break from the sci-fi series I have been working on and write about a topic that had been banging around in my brain for a while.

Incidentally I am 25,000 words into book six of the Birthright series, which will wrap up the arc of the invasion portion of the story.  I’ve started working on the 3D model that I’ll be using for the cover art using my old standby: Sketchup and Twilight Render.  Now, however, my 11 year old has claimed a partial stake in my newly built PC so that he can toy around with Blender.  He’s making Minecraft scenes and animations and even taking requests from his friends.  Maybe I can subcontract out future book covers to my own kid!  More on that one soon!

Anyway, I wrote about a topic that seems to be percolating to the top of conversation a lot these days: the government, dystopian conspiracies, and how far they would really go if we let them.  

The good news for you is that the book is free all weekend.  If you’re looking to try out a book that might just make you a tiny bit paranoid about who’s really in charge in Washington, grab a copy and enjoy one on the house!

Here’s the blurb from my book page:
What’s the difference between a patriot and a terrorist?

Whoever is in charge of the watch list.

Jack Swift was a normal guy just living his life in small town America. That all came to an end when the Department of Homeland Security rolled into town; folks started to worry and life got tense

Jack and a few others asked a lot of questions, wanted to know what the government was doing to their city. Soon it became apparent that there was much more going on in his small town than a simple drill. But he poked his nose into the wrong person’s business; Jack was branded a terrorist.

What will he need to do to get his life back? Can the government even do this to him and his friends? Who will stand up for their city if not their own? And if they don’t do something about it, what will the government try next?

Jack didn’t know why the DHS picked his little town to occupy, but now they were in charge.

What happens when the government oversteps its authority, when the people who are supposed to be working for you decide they know better? Jack and the rest of his friends are about to find out.



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