A truly effective presidential debate format

imageAh, presidential debates.  Everybody has an opinion on them; they’re rigged, they’re useless, they’re actually helpful, they’re boring, etc.

I propose an idea.  This country is obsessed with reality tv.  From people with a litter of kids to misbehaving housewives to guys who made duck calls to men crawling over each other like crabs in a bucket to win a date with a woman, we apparently have no limit when it comes to this type of media.

I will admit to liking a single reality show in the history of the genre.  It was out probably 10 years ago, and it was called Combat Mission.   It can exactly one season on TNT or TBS or some other cable network.  They took a bunch of SEALS, SWAT guys, contractors, etc, and teamed them up and made them run missions using real military MILES gear. It was awesome, but I suspect it failed due to no juicy interpersonal drama.  These were professionals, and they always acted like it.  They ran their missions, behaved well overall, and that was that.  Halfway through the series, they started making them go to a ‘canteen’ at night: a big tent that had a bar and a cute girl to sling drinks.  Except they would have a couple beers, then go back to their barracks.  I seem to remember one guy getting a little mouthy, but his own team put him in his place.  If pressured, I may admit to watching the first season of MTV’s Real World, when it was new and interesting and every cast member didn’t show with their own agent.

Anyway, I digress.

Let’s combine presidential debate with reality formats for something the country will actually watch and enjoy.  My proposals:

1. A cook off. Everybody gets an hour to bake crab cakes, or maybe choose a regional dish from their home state.

2. Dance off.  Macarena, Paso, who cares?  Make them dance for our amusement!

3. Some sort of home improvement.  Who can decorate the best bathroom?  Who can build the best shed?

4. Lumberjack skills.  Chainsaw and a tree stump= who makes the best tree stump carving?

5. Auto repair.  Everyone has to try and rebuild a Holley carbeurator.  No Youtube  tutorials allowed.

Would showing skills in something that you cared about sway your vote?  Or are we content with their abilities to promise us the most free stuff and say whatever needs saying to get elected?


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