Cleaning my insides the Arbonne way


Mmm, tasty

New post here; who would have figured?

This one is not, however, writing related.  Well, only inasmuch as it might keep me alive long enough to finish the sixth book in the Birthright series, I guess.

No, today I must speak about diets.  I think we lead a pretty good lifestyle at our house.  We work out, eat pretty decent, make the right gestures.  Last month, though, we decided to do the Arbonne cleanse diet.  I personally have a family history of cholesterol and triglyceride issues (thanks, parents!) and thought it would be worth a shot to see what a moderate change in diet would accomplish.

Short version: no dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, salt, or ‘old school’ carbs.  I mean potatoes, wheats, anything processed and altered.  The grains are replaced by brown rice and quinoa (which I actually think is pretty tasty and versatile), we can eat anything green, chicken, red meat and fish, turkey in reasonable quantities.  There are also shakes, one or two a day depending on whether your goal is weight loss as well as overall diet change.  Oh, and almonds.  Lots of almonds.

I’ll be honest; I travel a lot and it was very hard to get this thing going.  Most hotels aren’t quick to offer up subs to the standard menu items.  I eventually found microwavable bags of brown rice and quinoa plus little cans of chicken chunks (rinse well; they’re packaged in salt water but overall sodium is actually pretty low).  Plus, it’s a pocket-pleasing alternative to offensive prices many hotel restaurants think they should be charging.  I wasn’t perfect with this diet; I had spanish rice instead of brown rice once or twice, a chicken nugget that made me grumble a bit, and a few bites of our kids food to taste test.

We also did the 7 day cleanse.  It was a special additive for a big jug of water.  Lots of people complained about the initial taste, but we actually weren’t bothered by it.  It tasted different, to be sure, but not bad.  Add in a package of the fizz mix you get with your shipment and it tasted just fine.

So now the month is over and we’re both very well on track to continue.   We make a lot of chili/fajita style foods, use almond butter instead of peanut butter, and are finding new recipes for meats and veggies on Pinterest all the time.  My only complaint is cooking without sugar.  I tried making bread and protein cookies, and both turned out pretty tasteless.  I’m no Bobby Flay, but I’m pretty sure there’s a sweetener needed to made this work right, and the point is to not add extra sugar and all that.

The reason I wanted to post this to a blog is because I actually have some lab-test results to share.  I see my doctor to check on my cholesterol, and my latest checkup was in the middle of the fourth week.

My HDL improved by 20 points.  My LDL improved by 16 points, and my triglycerides went down by 30 points!

Yes, I plan to add back in a beer or two during my week, but overall I don’t truly feel put out by the diet.  And let’s be honest; if your diet makes you mad and you absolutely hate it, you won’t stick with it, so what’s the point?  I personally like to consider lifetime average here; if I truly make my effort in diet and exercise, then yes, I will have that Girl Scout cookie when they get delivered soon.  Just not all thirty at a sitting.

So go ahead and try the diet.  It might do you well!  Better start buying almonds now, though!



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One response to “Cleaning my insides the Arbonne way”

  1. Raylyn Krauter says :

    Congrats on your cholesterol and triglycerides. And it was Grandparents and probably great-grandparents that started it all. You know those silly Northern Europeans!!!

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