As Time Marches On…

pocketwatchSometimes it seems like the years just fly by, eh?

I was thinking about this after I celebrated my 40th birthday.  I acceded to a minor midlife crisis and traded the minivan for a crewcab pickup.  Well, it was was sort of something we needed to do, but the event seemed to coincide nicely with the occasion.

I didn’t do anything really out of hand like buying a Members Only jacket and gold chains, go skydiving, try to pick up a college cheerleader, etc.  My wife would have really hated that last one, so a big no-go on that.  Overall, pretty low key as far as I can figure.

I looked at my life: wife, kids, home, job, etc, and realize things are going pretty well.

Then my 16 year old cat walked past me and I realized; he is about as far back as I can go via memory lane in my adult life.  We got him and his sister when they were kittens.  Sadly, she passed away in the summer of 2014, but he’s still kicking and demanding to go outside all the time.september-05-2016-at-0923am-1

But the cats were one of the first milestones for my wife and I.  We got them before we were married.  We’ve changed houses, cars, furniture and possessions, jobs, had kids and more, but there were always the cats.  I truly hope he has a few more good years left in him.

They say a midlife crisis is what happens when you evaluate your life (at the arbitrary but understandable age of 40) and see you’re lacking.

I can’t complain.

We’ve done things and gone places, tried to show our kids locations and people to demonstrate to them that there’s a really big world out there and that it’s not all about Pokemon Go and DS games.

I’d like to restore an old muscle car, a dream I have from back in 5th grade or so that I share with a few of my oldest friends.

I’ve recently begun the official wrap-up of the Birthright novels I wrote.  I’m working on renders of the interior of one of the ships, something that’s honestly more for myself than anybody else.  I’ll put them on the book website, but I don’t know that people much care what the bridge looks like. Book here.

I published another book before that, a novel about modern day America centered on a small town where the DHS as a tool of the government tries to assume complete control.   Spoiler: it results in conflict. Other book here.

I’m also 20,000 words into a modern day thriller about a madman who has control of the last nuclear weapon on the planet.  Small-town cop and big-city FBI agent race to stop the man and his plan to rebuild the governance of the world in his own image.  Hilarity ensues. Well, not a lot of hilarity; hijinks and a few shenanigans mostly, but there’s room for humor in everything.

So, I’m not going to buy a Miata and start wearing loafers with no socks; I’m all good here and feeling normal and content.  However, if you happened by my garage you might start to see the occasional old car part form a pile in a distant corner against the day when I have a vehicle to swap them around on.




One response to “As Time Marches On…”

  1. Raylyn Krauter says :

    Hey dude! I haven’t heard about the new book but it sounds very interesting. Call me sometime so we can discuss it. How are you doing? Would love to chat with you for a bit. I’m dog sitting at Jon and Lois’ this Saturday night. That would be the perfect time. Are you home this weekend or working?

    Call when you can.


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