About Me

I’m an Indie Sci-Fi writer with a life-long love of science fiction, aviation, and military history.  I also like shiny objects and loud noises.  I have written military sci-fi and Young Adult sci-fi novels, which are in paperback and Kindle form on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com   I’ve always enjoyed reading, and a few years ago started making a determined effort to write a complete novel.  I’ve just finished my eighth full length novel, and the most gratifying thing I can see is when somebody buys the sequel to the initial book.  It tells me that, yes, there are other people out there who enjoy the world and images I’ve created.  I started this just to amuse myself, but I really like the thought that others look forward to the stories I’ve had rolling around my head all these years.

I hope you enjoy my stories, and whether you like them or not, I will always be curious to know what you think!


3 responses to “About Me”

  1. David M. Green says :

    Hello Ryan…

    I purchased Birthright Battle for the Confederation Invasion this past Friday evening from Amazon.com and began reading it Saturday afternoon and am on the last few pages of chapter 7. I have really enjoyed spending the weekend reading the first book in your Birthright series and am looking forward to reading the sequel. I’m a star trek and star wars fan and love reading character centered novels of epic space conflicts and battles; which I suppose comes from my love of reading about submarines and fighter aircraft form world war II that I used to read while growing up.

    The most impressive thing technically about your book besides the clarity of your writing style is the lack of typos {spelling errors and badly worded passages} which I’ve found in many of the other books I’ve purchased from Amazon. It seems that some authors either rush their book into publication or need to get someone else to proof read their manuscript before publishing. The stories are great but the typos are a distraction I, as a reader, can do without.

    Keep up the good work and please don’t stop writing.

    • Ryan says :

      First off, I’d like to say ‘Thanks’ for giving my novel a try. I really hope you continue to enjoy it! Also thank you for checking out my blog and your comments. I’ve been reading some of your poems as well- I love the imagery you use. You tell some pretty deep stories; I feel like I’m learning a lot about you!

  2. David M. Green says :

    Hello Ryan I started writing the following poem on Friday morning at work just before my shift started and finished it just this morning. I hope that you like it.

    Flight of the Avenger

    Like a bird
    of prey she spreads her wings
    between the stars
    floats upon the solar currents
    silent and deadly

    Stalks her prey
    like a hungry shark cruising
    neath the restless
    waves of the deep blue sea
    ever patiently

    Into the hearts
    of her sworn enemies the
    invading horde of
    Priman’s she inspires both
    fear and respect

    As Avenger sails
    right up to the very gates
    of hell itself
    leaving a trail of death
    in her wake

    To her foes
    she is the angel of death to
    her comrades
    she is the angel who brings
    their salvation

    Nor will her
    captain and crew rest until the Priman’s
    are defeated for like
    John Paul Jones of old Avenger has not
    yet begun to fight

    Though badly
    wounded from time to time her
    flag she dares not
    lower nor surrender until her crew
    shouts in victory

    *On September 23, 1779, Jones fought one of the bloodiest engagements in naval history. Jones struggled with the 44-gun Royal Navy frigate Serapis, and although his own vessel was burning and sinking, Jones would not accept the British demand for surrender, replying, “I have not yet begun to fight.” More than three hours later, Serapis surrendered and Jones took command.


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