Birthright: Pursuit

pursuit book cover copy

Birthright- Pursuit is the fifth novel in the Birthright series.

The war between the Confederation of Systems and the Primans is still mired in stalemate. With the crew of Avenger and a handful of others as the only ones who know the truth about the compromised Confederation leadership’s backroom deal with the conquering Primans, Admiral Bak sends Avenger on a secret mission into the galactic core to discover the truth about how the Primans were defeated a thousand years ago. The Admiral hopes Avenger will find answers, a weapon, maybe even allies. Loren Stone, XO of Avenger, finds much more than he bargained for.
The Primans know Avenger is out there looking as well, and launch their own efforts to remove the troublesome Confed ship and crew from consideration for good.

See the models and images tab for renders of the other ship on the book’s cover, the CSS Majestic, a Starshaker class battleship.

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3 responses to “Birthright: Pursuit”

  1. kc maine says :

    i love those book seem there will more books coming up?

    • Ryan says :

      Yes, I am currently about 15,000 words into the sixth novel, which will wrap up many of the plots in this story arc. Not to say I won’t be creating opportunities for more, though!
      Thanks for your interest; hope to have more material for everyone to read soon!


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