Birthright- Reprisal

Here is the sequel to Birthright: Invasion.  It’s titled Reprisal.

It has been six weary months for the Confederation since the Priman invaders burst through their territory bent on reconquering the galaxy. Most of that time has been spent on the defensive for the Confeds, but they’re finally ready to take the war back to the Primans in full with a campaign to retake the Confed homeworld of Delos.
On the eve of the attack, however, Loren Stone, now the XO of Avenger, receives a communication from Halley, the mysterious woman he and his pilots met in the first hours of the Priman invasion.
Halley has news of a powerful and frightening Priman weapon under development that endangers not just the Confederation, but most humans and humanoids in the entire galaxy.


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