Birthright- Turmoil

turmoil book cover copyBirthright: Battle for the Confederation- Turmoil, is the fourth novel in the Birthright series.

Loren Stone and Avenger find themselves exiled to a backwater system after repairs from their unlikely victory over a Priman ambush.  They’ve been sent there by order of Senator Dennix himself, a move by the Senator’s Priman conspirators designed to get Avenger out of the fight.  True to their form, however, Avenger finds trouble with the Primans anyway.

Now, in the aftermath of a devastating battle, Loren Stone and the rest of the crew find themselves unexpectedly on Delos, the capitol of the Confederation of Systems, in a twisted combination of congratulations as well as punishment for their actions.  Their timing there puts them in the wrong place at the wrong time as Priman operatives stage a brazen rescue operation to free their former leader from the prison facility in the government capitol city.  What seemed like a simple break-out at first gets ever more complicated as Loren investigates the Commander’s escape and discovers that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes in the capitol than they’d ever thought possible.

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