Out of Nowhere

Matt Falken was a normal, everyday high school Freshman whose main goal in life was to stay under the radar and finish school without suffering any lasting emotional trauma. All that changed one day after he was almost kidnapped at a mall; Matt discovered that his parents had neglected to mention that they had moved to town from somewhere far away- like another planet.Destined for obscurity, Matt unexpectedly learns that, while he is human like everyone else he knows, his parents grew up on another planet populated by humans from Earth that were taken there long ago. Having fled to Earth to avoid Matt getting caught up in the long war their people were fighting, the past reaches out to them as Matt’s parents learn that their son is desperately needed to help fight their people’s ages-old enemy. Matt, like his parents, possesses a rare and special genetic gift that allows him to be a necessary part of the computer network defending their planet. Matt decides to investigate the offer, if for no other reason than to learn about his people. He is accompanied by his best friend, a neighbor girl named Jessie, as he travels ‘home’ only to find out that not only is he a natural at running the Network, but without him the humans will most likely be destroyed.

Out of Nowhere is Young Adult science fiction.  If you like dragons, wizards, or vampires, you have plenty of options these days, but if you like the occasional blaster, alien, or starship, your choices are fewer in number.  I aim to help fill this niche a bit with this title.

Click the link below to see a review from author/blogger/reviewer Maria Violante.



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