The Fixer

The Fixer“I should tell you what it is that I do, Garrett,” Joren said from across the room as he mixed up another drink from the bar. “They call it being a Fixer. In simple terms, I fix problems. People get all sorts of ideas about what that means, and lots of times they’re wrong.” He walked over to his chair and sat down again. “Tell me what all of these things have in common, Garrett. A crew of thieves needs a getaway plan and implementation. Somebody needs fake ID and transport to a planet on the other side of the galaxy. Criminals need a banker. A politician needs dirt on an opponent. A private detective or bounty hunter needs a local contact. A company needs to steal something from a competitor, or maybe protect their own merchandise from the same sort of theft. What’s the common thread?”
“A charming individual such as yourself?” replied Garrett.

That was how Garrett Drayven learned about the life of a Fixer.  He’d needed his cousin’s help, and the price was to work for his business for a while.  It had been fun and rewarding at first; Garrett was a university student who was suddenly somebody important, dealing with worldly people who grew to count on him.  He enjoyed being in demand, and liked the fact that people asked for him by name.   He took their trust in him seriously.

Only later did he realized what kind of person his cousin was, how dangerous and ruthless he could be.  He knew there were more sinister jobs a Fixer could take on, but had convinced himself  that his cousin would never resort to contracts like that when he’d first started.  By the time he’d learned otherwise, Garrett was in too deep; you didn’t just get to walk away from the secrets and confidences held between a Fixer and his clients.

Garrett had reached the point where he needed to find a way out before everything spun completely out of control…

The Fixer is set in the universe created in the Birthright series of sci-fi novels, though the story stands alone.  Garrett Drayven was introduced in the second Birthright novel, and I realized he had a backstory that needed to be told.  How does a normal guy go from university student to someone that deals with the most prestigious and dangerous criminals on the planet?  Is a Fixer good, evil, neither?  This novel answers those questions.

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2 responses to “The Fixer”

  1. Keith Tomaszewski says :

    I loved the fixer and was totally blindsided by Dever. I also enjoyed the Birthright books! Was introduced to them by a great lady at St Peters Episcopal Church.

    • Ryan says :

      Haha, I know that lady, too! I’m glad you liked the books and appreciate the feedback. If you can’t trust a former mercenary type like Dever who sells his services to the highest bidder, then who can you trust? 🙂

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