Images and Models

This is the home page for the images and renders I’ve made for my novels.  You can click on the links to go the the various pages and see the ships I refer to in my books!


4 responses to “Images and Models”

  1. Raylyn says :

    I really like your work. I especially like the cover for “Out of Nowhere”. Try just a hint of red. It makes everything pop and draws your eye into the picture. Just sayin’….

  2. Raylyn says :

    I like the fact that I can see a resemblance to large seafish. Makes me think your ships are the fish of the sky and beyond. Nice work.

  3. DaPoet says :

    Thumbs Up! 🙂

  4. DaPoet says :

    How soon can you build me a fleet of these babies. 🙂

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