Goliath class deep space freighter

This is a page dedicated to the home-made battlecruisers employed by The Consortium in Birthright: Deception.

The Goliath class freighter is designed to haul massive loads of cargo between systems efficiently and safely.
The ship consists of a narrow body core, plus a command module on the fore end and the engine assembly on the aft.
The control module houses all the major systems of the ship; bridge, crew spaces, environmentals, a small docking bay, and the cargo control areas. Four sublight engines are also mounted on the module in rotating pylons to aid in docking and overall maneuverability due to the ship’s extreme length and mass.
The engine assembly houses one main hyperdrive engine and four more sublight engines.
The highlight of the class is the ease of loading and unloading of cargo. The twelve cargo cylinders each hold twelve modular cargo pods. Each pod in turn holds thirty-six standard size cargo containers. This results in a total capacity of 5186 cargo containers when fully loaded.
Cargo containers are standardized across much of the galaxy. Their dimensions, in English units, are ten feet by ten feet by forty feet.
For reference, the typical freight containers used on oceangoing cargo ships and the semis that haul those loads inland are forty feet long, eight feet wide, and generally eight and a half feet tall.
When the ship arrives at its destination, it has several options on how to deal with cargo. The cargo master can jettison one container, a rectangular cargo pod, or an entire cylinder. The arrival port, in turn, can have containers, pods, or cylinders staged to be loaded aboard. This results in extremely fast turn times and gets the ship back in space with as little down time as possible.
The Consortium used these ships as makeshift battlecruisers. They converted individual containers into weapons pods holding torpedoes, laser batteries, shield generator units, and power banks for the weapons. The lack of integration and centralized control however, usually led to disastrous results against purpose built warships.


























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