Here is a page of renders featuring the Starshaker class battleship Majestic.  The Starshakers are longer, heavier, and much more heavily armed than Avenger, as you’d expect from a battleship.

I’ve finally finished some bridge renders as well.  On the back you’ll see two darkened windows along the interior wall.  I have way too many irons in the fire and figured I’d be better served to publish the renders than wait until I had those rooms done, but I imagined them to be a captain’s ready room on one side as well as an at-sea/day cabin on the other.



starshaker-render-final 1 copy

starshaker-render-final 5 copy

starshaker-render-final 4 copy

starshaker-render-final 3 copy

starshaker-render-final 2 copy








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