Birthright: Consequence

consequence book coverThe war between the Confederation and Primans is at a tipping point. Loren Stone and the crew of Avenger know their leadership is really working for the Primans. The Priman leadership under Commander Tash has become corrupt and lost their way as well, according to the captured former Commander, Velk, still under house arrest in the company of the Fixer Garret Drayven.
The key players decide to risk it all in one last mission to end the war and bring peace back to the galaxy. Loren will venture into Priman space with Velk to bargain for a cease-fire with the Priman Council, hoping they will override Tash. Halley and Web hatch a daring plan to rescue the duly elected leadership of the Confederation and bring them back to Delos to relieve Senator Dennix and his cronies.
Neither Senator Dennix or the Priman Commander Tash plan to go without a fight.


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