patriot-terrorist book cover copyPatriot/Terrorist is a political conspiracy thriller set in modern day America.

What’s the difference between a patriot and a terrorist?
Whoever is in charge of the watch list.

Jack Swift was a normal guy just living his life in small town America. That all came to an end when the Department of Homeland Security rolled into town; folks started to worry and life got tense.
Jack and a few others asked a lot of questions, wanted to know what the government was doing to their small city. Soon it became apparent that there was much more going on in his small town than a simple drill. But he poked his nose into the wrong person’s business; Jack was branded a terrorist.
What will he need to do to get his life back? Can the government even do this to him and his friends? Who will stand up for their city if not their own? And if they don’t do something about it, what will the government try next?
Jack didn’t know why the DHS picked his little town to occupy, but now they were in charge. The question was: what would he do about it?


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