Here are some of my renders of the main ship in the Birthright series, the CSS Avenger.  You’ll see renders of the bridge as well as exterior shots, and I plan to keep adding to the exteriors as my computer churns them out.  Hope you enjoy them, and please feel free to comment on the design if there’s something you like or perhaps find silly.  I’ve made a few changes to the exterior already based on feedback, and the ship is better for it!

Starship bridge

starship bridge

starship bridge

starship bridge

starship bridge

starship bridge

New images below.  They are of the C3 Conference room at the base of the bridge tower, plus new renders of Avenger.  I finally got better at the hull texures.  It took a long time to figure out how to layer texture, reflection, and bump maps all on top of each other (secret: in Blender and more advanced programs, you can do layers inside the program.  In Sketchup/Twilight Render, it all has to be done with a single map image, manually placed with multiple versions of the same file overlaid on top of each other and adjusted on the surfaces.  A true pain, but worth it).  I’ll do more renders of Avenger as time permits, but I’m working on the Priman fighters that will be on the cover of the fourth Birthright novel, which is almost finished.  Finally!

c3 conference room-2

c3 conference room-1avenger-render-new hull-8-edited avenger-render-new hull-6-edited avenger-render-new hull-5-edited avenger-render-new hull-4-edited avenger-render-new hull-3-edited avenger-render-new hull-2-edited avenger-render-new hull-1-edited


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